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Categories of elder abuse in Wisconsin

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In recognition of World Elder Abuse Day on June 15, the Sheboygan Press categorized the four most common kinds of abuse that many elderly people in the state suffer through.

  • Neglect- Elderly people in need of assistance or supervision are often neglected when their needs are not being met. An elderly person is experiencing neglect if he or she is not receiving adequate food, medication, clothing, or other necessities.
  • Financial exploitation- An elderly person is subjected to financial exploitation if other people take advantage of his or her finances due to their present condition. One example of this is when an elderly person is forced or harassed into giving money to other people.
  • Emotional abuse- An elderly person who is being humiliated, deprived of doing things he or she loves, or prevented  from seeing their family are likely suffering from emotional abuse.
  • Physical or sexual abuse- Any kind of physical violence or unwanted touching in a sexual manner is considered physical or sexual abuse.

All elderly individuals, especially those who are suffering from disabilities, are at risk of being neglected or abused.

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