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Neenah residents express concern over hazardous roadway

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Residents in the Town of Neenah are asking Winnebago County Board members to improve an intersection that has been described by some as “the intersection of death.” 

Neenah resident Patti Purcell, together with other residents, is petitioning to increase safety at the Winnebago County CB and Oakridge Road intersection where car accidents frequently occur. Approximately 2,000 residents have signed the petition as of April 25, in hopes that they can convince board members to make a change at the intersection which, according to them, is very dangerous. Since January 2003, the Town of Neenah Fire Department has recorded two accidents with fatalities and 20 accidents with injuries at the intersection. In March, a 19-year-old was killed at the intersection. Winnebago officials are currently working on ways to improve the roadway.

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