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Semi truck operator convicted in Wisconsin fatal accident

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A truck driver was recently sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to a fatal accident that happened near Wisconsin Heights High School three years ago, the Wisconsin State Journal reported on May 6.

Reports said Gary Lammert was immediately ordered to serve 10 months of imprisonment after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor reckless driving charge; he had been prevented from pleading “no contest” by Judge David Flanagan, which effects civil cases.

Lammert, who was driving a truck on May 30, 2012, reportedly rear-ended Katie Binning’s vehicle on Highway 14 as she waited to turn left into the school. Binning’s vehicle was then struck by another vehicle, which ultimately killed her. Though information revealed that Lammert was not fatigued and was driving the speed limit, witnesses said Lammert did not try to avoid Binning’s vehicle. Wrongful death and funeral expenses worth $357,000 were given to Binning’s family and further demands of $600,000 are being prepared, Lammert’s legal counsel said.

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