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Rotisserie chickens with rare salmonella bacteria recalled

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Almost 40,000 pounds of rotisserie chickens have been recalled by San Francisco-based wholesaler Costco due to fear that the products were contaminated with the rare, life-threatening Salmonella Heidelberg bacteria, Federal health officials announced on October 12.

According to reports, the rotisserie chicken products that were sold from September 11 to 23 may contain Salmonella Heidelberg and may have caused the illnesses of hundreds of people. More than 300 people in several states have thus far been affected by this bacteria.

Costco, in conjunction with federal agents, is currently investigating the cause of the illnesses linked to the rotisserie chickens. Costco plant facilities were still allowed to operate on the condition that the company will resolve the contamination issue. The company said that they cooked all their chicken to a temperature that kills the bacteria.

All the recalled rotisserie chickens have been pulled from the store shelves.

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