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City of Appleton loses workers’ compensation suit

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In 2008, an Appleton Police Sergeant was training for a fitness test for the Appleton Police Department when he injured his right rotator cuff while doing a push-up. The officer filed a lawsuit against the City of Appleton, seeking workers’ compensation for his injury.

He claimed in his lawsuit that he was injured while training for an on-the-job activity, and his injury caused him to lose financial income. The lawsuit against the city lasted for more than four years. In the end, the injured city employee was awarded $12,500 in workers’ compensation.

The City of Appleton appealed that decision to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The city used $17,477 in taxpayer money to secure legal representation. The Supreme Court decided not to hear the workers’ compensation case in August, and therefore set a precedent in the state regarding work-related injuries.

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