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New Jersey man releases asbestos at daycare center

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A New Jersey man has been arrested after it was determined that his inexperience in asbestos removal caused a release of this carcinogenic substance at a New Jersey daycare center, as well as several other locations.

The man was hired on the grounds that he was skilled in asbestos removal, and between April 2011 and February 2012 he was responsible for the removal of these fibers in 36 different locations, including daycares and elementary schools. However, it was discovered that the man was irresponsible in removing the asbestos. In fact, instead of removing the harmful substance, he spread the fibers throughout the buildings.

The man did not  implement the proper method for removing asbestos, and as a result, 10 of the 36 locations where the man was employed were found to be contaminated. Authorities arrested the man on the grounds that he knew he was incapable of removing the substance but chose to continue with the job in order to profit for himself.

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