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Baby found breathing in Argentinian morgue

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An Argentinian woman and her husband are planning on filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital that declared their premature daughter as stillborn, when in reality she was alive.

The woman gave birth on April 3, and 20 minutes after delivery a doctor gave her the unfortunate news that her daughter did not survive. The couple, who have four other children, were devastated to learn of their youngest daughter’s passing. After numerous attempts of pleading, they were granted access into the refrigerated morgue room to take a photo of their daughter to be used at her funeral service.

Instead of discovering a still child, the woman saw the tiny child breathe and let out a cry. They were shocked, from both happiness and anger, and immediately removed her from the morgue. Despite all of the obstacles that were placed against her, the little girl is developing quite well. She is said to be in critical condition, but doctors believe she will eventually be a healthy newborn.

An investigation into this tragic malpractice incident has begun, and until that investigation is complete, five different medical professionals will remain on suspension.