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Jury favors malpractice victim in $177 million verdict

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The jury in a Jacksonville, Florida medical malpractice case was highly favorable of the victim in the suit. They decided that the hospital the victim was suing was inattentive in their care for him and they they were to be held accountable for his injuries.

The lawsuit was filed due to a failed gastric bypass surgery in 2007. The man had been overweight and it was starting to affect his overall health. He opted to have the surgery in order to work his way back to a healthy lifestyle. There were unanticipated problems for the duration of the surgery and afterwards as well. The once vigorous man was unable to walk and feed himself because of the brain damage that progressed.

He suffered these complications at the hands of skilled doctors due to their inability to monitor him. The jury determined that the hospital owed the man and his family damages for their mistakes. He was given a $177 million settlement.

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