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$250K Judgement in CT Slip and Fall Lawsuit

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A Connecticut couple has been awarded a $250,000 judgment in
a slip and fall lawsuit filed against a gas station chain.

According to court documents, the parent company of the
North Platte Sun-Mart stores was hit with a $250,000 judgment after a four-day
trial wrapped up a nearly three-year-long lawsuit over a slip and fall at a
store. The lawsuit claimed gas station chain Nash Finch was negligent in
failing to purchase and maintain floors in a way that would make them

According to the lawsuit, Diane Derra was grocery shopping
on New Year’s Day 2007 when she slipped on a wet floor in a public section of
the store. The complaint alleged that Nash Finch “created and/or otherwise
failed to prevent a hazardous and slippery condition of a floor that it knew,
or should have known, when wet is a trap for the unwary and unwarned public
capable of causing serious injury and/or death to its patrons.”

The plaintiffs claimed Nash Finch failed to take action even
though it knew that during the winter months the floors of the gas station “could
become wet from patron spills, outside weather conditions, or self service
drink and ice dispensers.”

The Derras sought damages including $50,000 in medical
expenses, as well as all future medical expenses including nursing home care.
Payment for permanent physical disabilities, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment
of life was also sought.  

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