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Spider Webs in Vent Lines Prompt Mazda Recall

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Mazda Motor Corp. announced a recall of more than 52,000 cars due to problems with spider webs in the emissions systems.

The National Highway Safety Commission said a build up of spider webs may restrict a vent line, which could cause the emissions control system to increase pressure in the vehicles’ fuel tanks. An increase in fuel tank pressure could cause cracks, leading to a fuel leak.

The Yellow Sac spider is attracted to the smell of gasoline and the automaker has received more than 20 reports of spider web build up in Mazda6 vent lines. The Mazda6 features two pipes coming out from its gas tank, which is rare, and the smell of gasoline is strong enough to draw the spider inside.

Mazda dealers will inspect vehicles for spider web build up and install a spring to prevent spiders from entering the vent lines.

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