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Trucker who caused 4-vehicle accident taken off duty

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A Wisconsin truck driver had his license suspended when he caused a four-vehicle crash that resulted in the death of two people, unleashed bees from another semi-truck and halted weekend traffic for hours.  The driver claims that he took his eyes off the road for a moment to reach for a beverage when he caused the chain-reaction collision.  Immediately after the accident, the trucker was ordered "out of service" by a police officer, meaning that he had some kind of illness, fatigue or other temporary condition that would prevent him from driving safely. 

One study cited fatigue as a critical figure in 13 percent of trucking accidents, but experts say that this is probably an under-estimation since most people would be afraid to admit they drive drowsy.  The truck driver who caused the accident has been cited for several traffic violation in the past, including two instances of driving while intoxicated and three speeding tickets.

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