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Crane Accident Raises Questions Over Pedestrian Safety

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -After a construction accident on Monday questions have begun to be raised over who is responsible for directing traffic and pedestrians during an accident.

The accident on Monday involved a load of beams falling from a crane that was lifting them up the 48-story Wachovia tower.  Prior to the accident, safety workers had stopped traffic and pedestrians from moving past the construction site.

As the beams fell striking glass panels and scattering shards to the ground, the workers got out of danger’s way leaving the traffic to start moving into the path of falling debris.

There were no serious injuries as a result of the accident, but one beam did strike a school bus.

A Charlotte Department of Transportation handbook includes rules for contractors on such issues as traffic control, notification requirements for road-closures and allowing access to businesses along the road, according to the department’s Web site.

The “pedestrian considerations” section of the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook says: “A canopied walkway may be required to protect pedestrians from falling debris.” It does not say what circumstances require such a canopy.

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