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Woman Sues Tacoma Over Abuse Tapes

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Washington – A women is suing the City of Tacoma and Pierce County for negligence, claiming they allowed a police officer access to two videotapes showing her being sexually abused as a child.  A judge ordered the police department to destroy the tapes by 1994.

The tapes were found by investigators in the home of the police officer who has also been named in the suit.  Tacoma officer Lee William Giles Jr. was later convicted of child-sex crimes.  These sexual assaults were unrelated to those of the plaintiff.

The suit claims that the woman has suffered extreme phsychological and emotional injury as a result of learning that her tapes were not destroyed or secured.  Law enforcement officials say the tapes were stored and locked in room of items that will be destroyed.  However, Giles had a key to that room because he kept confidential files there.

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