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Family of Revived Girl Files Malpractice Lawsuit

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An Orange County girl was declared dead after a swimming pool accident, only to be revived shortly after. The event occured back in 2003 and the family of the revived girl is now filing a lawsuit against the doctor’s who negligently caused their daughter brain damage after removing her breathing tube.

The girl was 20 months old when she accidently fell into the family’s swimming pool back in 2003. The girl, now 6, has suffered brain damage after the doctor’s that pronounced her dead disconnected her breathing tube. An hour later, a police detective who was conducting an investigation of the child’s death, noticed that her chest was moving. The doctors were notified and the child was revived, however, the hour that she was without the breathing tube caused serious damage to her brain.

The family seeks damages for the pain and suffering of the girl, as well as punitive damages to help pay for the future care of the brain damaged child.

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