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High Risk Van Involved in Crash that Kills 8

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Seven members of a high school basketball team and one adult passenger were killed in a crash January 12 in New Brunswick when the van they were riding in fishtailed into the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer. The van involved, a Ford Club Wagon, has been banned in 40 states and several Canadian provinces due to known safety issues.

According to Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization, the Club Wagon was originally designed to carry cargo, resulting in a body which extends over 4 feet beyond the rear wheels. This creates dangerous instability when the van is loaded with more than five people, increasing the risk that the van will fishtail, or, with its high center of gravity, overturn. In 2005 Congress made it illegal to use the Club Wagon for transporting children to or from school. However, despite the risk, the law does not prohibit Club Wagons from being used as transportation to extracurricular activities.

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