What is Aphasia?

In cases of brain trauma, the location of the injury can determine what kind of functions may be compromised or, if severe enough, lost entirely. If in the language areas of the brain, brain damage can lead to what is known as aphasia. This peculiar type of brain damage can lead to a person’s inability to comprehend or produce comprehensible language. While this seems strange to the average person, it is a well-documented brain injury that has produced a variety of different results depending on the severity of the trauma.

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Types of Language Loss

When one considers the different modes of language and how communication works within the human brain, it should come as little surprise that very specific kinds of language loss can occur. After all, communication cannot be efficient without the ability to receive and produce language, as well as comprehend both spoken and written mediums. Different forms of aphasia or language loss disorders can include:

  • Broca’s aphasia, or the inability to express language fluently
  • Wernicke’s aphasia, or the inability to receive language fluently
  • Dysgraphia, or the inability to write fluently

These impairments are generally considered to be acquired language disorders, meaning that they typically are not found naturally, instead being the result of an accident or a moment of negligence.

When one realizes the professional and social ramifications of compromised language, it quickly becomes evident that these sorts of brain injuries can be devastating for a person to go through. Although clues such as body language are important, the ability to simply talk or listen is a major skill that human beings use every day for any number of tasks.

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