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Ways to Avoid Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an illness that comes from ingesting food or drink that has been contaminated in some way with bacteria, toxins, viruses, parasites or chemicals. The side effects can range from mild aches to extreme abdominal pains. No matter the severity of your symptoms, food poisoning is something that you'll want to avoid.

The two places you are most worried about ingesting contaminated food or drink is at a restaurant or in your own home. The following tips will help you to avoid food poisoning at restaurants:

  • Look up restaurant reviews before you choose to eat at a restaurant. There are numerous reviews by customers and restaurant inspectors that can be found online. The reviews can give you a good idea of the quality of the food that is used through testimonials of customers who were sick after eating at the restaurant and information on the restaurant's health code tests.
  • Always look at your meat before eating it. Test the meat to be sure it is cooked enough. Consuming under-cooked meat can lead to food poisoning.

The following tips will help you to avoid food poisoning at home:

  • Always check the dates on meats at the grocery store. You always want to get the freshest meat to avoid eating meat that has turned bad.
  • Keep your foods organized and properly stored. This will allow you to keep your food fresh for as long as possible.
  • Be sure that you cook your food thoroughly. Just like you check food at the restaurant, you should check your own food to be sure it is cooked thoroughly.

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Despite your efforts, it is still possible to become ill with food poisoning from the food that we eat. If you have become sick as a result of poor sanitary conditions or food handling, you might be able to seek compensation for your injuries. To get more information or to discuss your case, contact the Appleton personal injury attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 800-242-2874 for a free consultation.