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Unsafe Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery is viewed as an elective or cosmetic procedure. However, patients still have the same rights and doctors the same duties as in other surgeries and medical procedures. This means that doctors are required to act and perform in a manner that keeps their patients’ health and safety at the forefront of their decision making. Patients who have suffered illness or injury because of badly procedures during a breast augmentation surgery have the right to seek damages.

Types of Breast Implants

After a 13-year ban, the FDA approved the use of silicone gel-filled breast implants as safe and effective. Later in 2006, saline-filled breast implants were also approved. Both types of implants are susceptible to rupture once implanted inside the breast. However, silicone gel-filled implants are more prone to this happening due to the amount of silicone in the gel. A rupture could cause leakage into the body and be very harmful.

Other Known Complications

The FDA has begun to issue information to educate women on some lesser known health problems that have been associated with breast implant surgery malpractice. Infection, and specifically toxic shock syndrome, could be potentially life threatening. Other risks include:

  • Atrophy of breast tissue
  • Blood collecting in the body
  • Formation of dead tissue

If you or someone you know has suffered serious injury or illness due to an improper breast augmentation procedure, you need the guidance and support of an attorney who will fight for you.

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