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Three Recalled Children’s Toys

Any new parent knows that children require constant attention and entertainment. For hundreds of years, parents have been using toys to teach their children how to share, entertain themselves, and master their motor skills. Around the globe, parents buy the toys they think their child will enjoy and maybe even appreciate. They trust manufacturers have tested these toys for choking hazards and other dangerous materials. While the government does their best to regulate the production of toys for children, dangerous items continue to slip through the cracks. When this negligence occurs, your child could get hurt. This disregard is simply unacceptable.

Toys ultimately found to be hazardous range from card games to pool accessories. How can a parent know if the toy they are buying is safe? Your best option is to do research before giving your child anything to play with. Even the most innocuous playthings can turn out to be dangerous. Choking hazards are not the only ways a toy can be dangerous. Harmful chemicals, such as asbestos and lead, sometimes find their way into your children’s toys. Several high profile recalls have occurred over the past decade. Here are just a few:

  1. The Magnetix building sets appear to be a safe way to entertain your future engineer, but they are actually extremely dangerous. In 2006, Magnetix was recalled after more than thirty infants swallowed the magnetic pieces of the set. The chemicals in their magnets were harmful by themselves, and they caused blood clots and intestinal damage.
  2. Inflatable baby boats allow your child to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. Marketed as a safe flotation device, Aqua Leisure’s inflatable baby boat was recalled in 2009 after more than thirty infants nearly drowned due to a defective leg strap.
  3. The Hannah Montana Pop Star card game sold millions of units during Miley Cyrus’ peak years as teen sensation Hannah Montana. This card game was never recalled despite containing more than 75 times the legal amount of lead as set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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