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The Legality of In-Car GPS Devices

With technology reaching new heights, the ability to communicate through a diverse number of mediums has changed the way people stay connected and deliver messages. As smart-phones have begun to grow in popularity, people have become increasingly dependent on these devices. However, with a texting while driving ban passed by Wisconsin legislators, the use of a hand-held device can be followed up with sharply increasing fines from law enforcement officers. As a result, some drivers are not sure what devices can still be used to help them with navigation in their vehicles.

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Is This Allowed?

According to the Wisconsin ban, hand-held texting is no longer permissible. Provided for by the law, the following methods of finding directions are still legal at present:

  • Portable GPS devices that are affixed directly onto the vehicle
  • GPS computers built into the vehicle itself
  • A passenger using a smart-phone or other hand-held device

The purpose of the law is to keep drivers attentive to highways and keep their hands free to operate their motor vehicles. Crashes or near-crashes increase by 2.8 times when a driver attends to a numeral pad, according to a Virginia Tech University study.

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