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Texting and Driving

Recent studies indicate that texting while driving impairs drivers' ability to drive attentively. As a result, many states are passing legislation that outlaws driving while texting; however, reports indicate that these laws are difficult to implement, and are thus far an ineffective deterrent.

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Impaired Driving

As researchers conduct reports focusing on the effects of texting while driving, the results have been quite alarming. According to studies, texting impairs a person's ability to drive more than a .08 blood alcohol level or driving after smoking marijuana.

Consequently, many states are making it illegal to drive while texting; however, police have found it difficult to implement these laws. If involved in an accident, however, investigators may search your phone for evidence of texting at the time the accident occurred.

If caught texting while driving in states where it is forbidden, drivers are likely to face harsh penalties.

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