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Swimming Pool Accidents

During the summer months, children around the country rush to their home or local swimming pools to spend hour upon hour playing in the water. As fun as these lazy summer afternoons can be, safety needs to be on the minds of all the parents who are supervising their children.

Unfortunately, most victims of swimming pool accidents are children. More than half of all drowning victims are children between the age of one and three and, even more disturbing, half of those victims are being supervised by at least one parent. A swimming pool is a busy place, and even children who are good swimmers can become victim to a crowd, slippery surface, or exhaustion.

There are many things to help prevent accidents:

Teach your Kids to Swim

Give your child the best chance to stay safe by giving them years of swimming lessons. Swimming lessons not only teach children how to swim, but how to stay safe in and around pools.

Always Supervise your Children

Whether at your own home or at a public pool, your children need you to look out for them. An accident can happen in a split second, and if you are not watching, you could lose valuable time in a serious situation.

Learn CPR

Learning CPR can prepare you to save the life of a family member or another swimmer who needs help.

Call an Appleton Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

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