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Retail Store Accidents

Big box stores and retails stores in general are a source of numerous dangers, all capable of inflicting serious harm on those who have come to shop. The shops of today, while being somewhat organized, leave much to be desired in terms of safety for their clients. In a way, injuring one's clients is like biting the hand that feeds you, and so it's very surprising that injuries occur so frequently.

Store accidents occur for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest causes of injuries in any large store is overcrowded aisles. This can mean stacking things too high on the shelves or putting the shelves too close together in the aisles. Whatever the reason for the overcrowding, it causes more injuries and accidents than anything else.

The reason for this is that when merchandise is too close together or too prevalent in an aisle, it can be easily knocked over or tip over when the item next to it is moved. If the item that falls is a towel, it is not the end of the world. However, larger, heavier items can mean serious injuries. Not only are the injuries potentially severe, but the cost in lost merchandise may not be insignificant.

Another cause of injuries in retail stores is the freshly waxed or washed floor. Many large stores employ very hard surfaces for their flooring. This is meant to resist damage and wear and tear. While they are nearly indestructible, they still must be washed and waxed so that they do not become disgustingly dirty. This process, however, makes the flooring exceptionally slick and increases the chances that a person will fall and injure him or herself.

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