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Restaurant Food Poisoning

Restaurants are an excellent option for dinner or any meal during the day. They provide foods that may be beyond the culinary expertise of a person to make at home or that are just too time consuming or difficult to make for a very small number of people. In providing food, they are expected to provide food that is not contaminated with germs and is not rotten. Sometimes small bits of contaminated food slip through the cracks, however, and cause the patrons of the restaurant to become ill with food poisoning.

Food poisoning in a restaurant can occur for a number of reasons. The first reason may be that a utensil is used from one dish to another and transfers bacteria of some sort from a location where it will be killed when cooking to a cold dish that does not provide an opportunity for the bacteria or virus to be killed.

This sort of problem can be avoided if restaurants demand adequate cleaning processes and do not allow their kitchen staff to take knives or bowls or other utensils from one area of the kitchen to another. This not only increases the chances of contaminating food but also of accidents.

Food can also go bad in a restaurant just like anywhere else. While many things are brought fresh daily to the kitchen, there could be a problem with the supplier or the farm itself. Many instances of vegetable e. coli in supermarkets is due to a problem with distribution and nothing on the part of the supermarket. The same holds true for vegetables in restaurants.

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