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Recognizing a Stroke

Among the major causes of death in America, stroke may be one of the most instantly recognizable so long as standard symptoms and signs are present. Unlike other health problems that are revealed through internal factors, such as localized pain or a feeling of tingling or numbness, a stroke can produce visible destruction to the nervous system. As a result, determining that a stroke has occurred can typically be easily achieved, speeding up the treatment process with emergency attention.

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Knowing What to Look For

In a campaign to promote stroke awareness, the Stroke Awareness Foundation has been pushing a simple acronym for everyone to remember in case of a stroke: FAST. According to this system of self-diagnosis, the following signs need to be recognized and acted upon to improve the chances of reversing damage and recovering a person’s good health:

  • Facial paralysis is a major sign of stroke
  • Arms that drop when lifted additionally warn of stroke
  • Slurred speech is another serious indicator
  • Time is a factor, and calling emergency responders immediately is important

If left untreated, a stroke either from a blocked blood vessel or from pooling blood around the brain can lead to severe brain damage. In some cases, this could result in a loss of life. In others, this can mean irreversible damage and years of cognitive and motor therapy.

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