Prisoners' Rights

As a United States citizen, you are entitled to certain legal rights. Although prisoners are not entitled to all the rights a regular citizen has, they still have some rights while being detained. The two main rights prisoners typically lose are freedom and the eligibility to vote. However, they still retain most other universal rights.

Prisoners are not to be treated cruelly or suffer unusual punishment. While in prison, convicts must be granted a minimum standard of living. This means that the inmate is provided with suitable shelter, food, water, and medical care.

Every inmate must be afforded due process. This means they have the opportunity to participate in the appeals and parole process. When applicable, the inmate must be allowed another court date to have the chance to prove the conviction was faulty. In addition, the inmate may reduce his or her sentence with good behavior.

Prisoners must all be treated equally. Discrimination is not tolerated on the basis of race, sex, or religion. The Model Sentencing and Corrections Act helps ensure that criminals receive equal treatment on the basis of the crime they committed.

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