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Losing the Ability to Write

It seems almost unfathomable: a person can be fully capable of writing a sentence without any issues, just as they learned from grade school, and, then, be completely unable to form more than a single letter the next day. Known as dysgraphia, this language disorder directly impacts a person’s ability to write and spell in the written medium. Unlike aphasia, this disorder does not necessarily affect a person’s complete comprehension skills, instead blocking very specific linguistic commands.

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How Dysgraphia Develops

This disorder can develop along three major lines. While there are also subcategories of each, it should be noted that if the ability to write or spell is lost entirely, the disorder is known as agraphia. The largest forms of dysgraphia include the following:

  • Dyslexic dysgraphia, characterized by poor spelling and handwriting
  • Spatial dysgraphia, characterized by very poor handwriting, but unaffected spelling
  • Motor dysgraphia, characterized by labored, painful handwriting, but unaffected spelling

While this may seem like a problem only to those who find their lifestyle requiring a great deal of writing, people may forget the kind of ease providing a signature they are accustomed to. As well as signing for purchases or on contracts, the written medium survives even in the digital age as a better way to take short notes than carrying around electronic devices at all times.

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