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Lead Poisoning Prevention

The Center for Disease Control provides advice on how to prevent your child from being exposed to lead. We have highlighted a few of their recommendations below.

Construction Date

Legislation was passed in 1978 banning the use of lead-paint in homes. It is important to check what date your house was constructed as well as any other buildings the child spends frequent time in such as a grandparent's house or daycare center. If the building was built before 1978, it is best assume there is lead-paint present. Consult your state or local health department about testing the paint for lead.


It is imperative that pregnant women and children are not present when houses built before 1978 are being renovated. Additionally, they should not participate in activities that disturb old paint, nor should they help clean up debris.


Make sure the child does not have access to peeling paint nor chewable surfaces painted with lead paint. Create barriers between the areas where the children live/play and the areas with lead sources.


Wash children's hands and toys frequently as they can become contaminated with dust or exterior soil. Also, regularly, mop floors and clean the window sills to prevent dust.


Do not let children play in outside soil which has not been covered with mulch or wood chips. Instead, stick to grassy areas and sandboxes.

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