Kitchen Hazards

The kitchen can be a place that brings families together for quality time and relaxation. However, the kitchen is also the most dangerous room in the house, with risks of burns, cuts, and falling objects. By following some common sense safety recommendations, you can help protect yourself and your loved ones from kitchen injuries such as:

  • Burn Injuries: Keep children out of the kitchen while the stove or the oven is on. Turn off heated surfaces when finished. Always use potholders when handling items from the stove or oven. Warn others when items are hot from the microwave, stove, or oven to prevent them from burning themselves
  • Knife-Inflicted Injuries: Keep all knives out of the reach of children. When cutting, keep fingers out of the way of blades. Never slice anything with a knife blade facing toward you. Keep knives sharpened. This makes cutting easier, which in turn makes cutting more efficient and keeps the knife from slipping dangerously.
  • Falling Object Injuries: Never store anything heavy, such as glass jars, large bowls, or cans, on tall shelves. Invest in a small step stool to assist you in reaching all shelves. Wear shoes in the kitchen to help prevent injuries from heavy objects and knives that can fall onto the floor.

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