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How Underinsurance Can Affect You

Being involved in a car wreck where you are not the at-fault driver is an enormous inconvenience, but the laws and insurance structures are supposed to work such that paying for your damages and any medical bills is as straightforward and easy as possible. Unfortunately, reality does not always play out this way and the victim may end up left with excessive bills that the at-fault driver’s insurance is insufficient to offset.

The result of these gaps between coverage and costs mean that the victims of a car wreck can end up unjustly burdened by excessive medical expenses, on top of the ordeal of being injured in the first place. At times like this, it may become necessary to retain the services of skilled attorney in order to obtain fair compensation.

Problems with the System

The insurance system is designed to act as a safety net for victims of negligence, but it is also an industry and a business intended to generate revenue. This means that insurance companies do their best to minimize costs and maximize profits, and those goals frequently come into conflict with the unbridled rise in health care costs.

Without significant changes to the healthcare system, there is no feasible resolution for this problem, and underinsurance will continue to be a problem for the victims of serious car accidents. For this reason, it is likely that a car accident that results in the need for large amounts of medical attention will require a civil suit to provide full compensation for the damages and medical expenses associated with the accident.

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