Hit and Run

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are not uncommon. Although it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident where property or a person has been injured, drivers have been known to flee the scene. When people are intoxicated, they are more likely to flee an accident scene for fear of the consequences of their actions.

Hit and runs accidents are most common in parking lot collisions where a driver hits a parked car. The most serious type of hit run is an accident where a person has been injured.

While hit and run drivers aim not to be recognized, sometimes witnesses at the seen can get identification information. If someone is able to write down the license plate number of the vehicle, it will be much easier to find the person responsible. In some occasions, people follow the hit and run driver until they stop at a place where the police can be called.

Although hit and run drivers may feel they have fled the scene without being identified, they may be operating under false assumptions. When the driver brings his or her vehicle in for repairs, the police may be able to identify the car based on the damage. In very serious cases, forensic examination techniques are used to search the suspected car. Blood, tissue, and hair specimen may provide evidence linking the vehicle to the crime.

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