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Headphones and Driving

The increase of developing technologies has led to confusion and problems adhering to safety standards for many drivers. As music becomes more portable and more listening options are available, drivers begin to focus more on listening to their music while driving than on the act of driving itself. Specifically, headphone use has become a serious problem among motorists, as audible cues are missed and drivers are forcing themselves to operate off of only visual signals. Considering the wide range of auditory warnings apparent on roadways, this can be very dangerous.

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Hazards Involved in Headphone Use

While many drivers are convinced that visual cues are sufficient to drive safely, there are numerous sounds that can inform a driver of impending danger or collision. Being able to hear these noises can improve a driver’s reaction to a problematic situation. The following signals can be lost to a driver wearing headphones:

  • Car and truck horns or other warnings
  • Passing emergency sirens and horns
  • Incoming trains and crossing station alarms
  • Off-road and pedestrian warnings

Headphone use is legal while driving in Wisconsin. However, that does not protect drivers from a ticket issued for inattentive driving, which can be caused by headphone use.

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