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Forceps-Related Injuries

While every parent hopes for the best during the child-birthing process, their best plans and intentions can be compromised in the hands of an incompetent or careless physician. Patients must put an incredible amount of trust in attending nurses and doctors to perform to the highest professional standards. This is intensified in labor and delivery as the health of both mother and child depends upon the care that is received. Unfortunately, in a complicated delivery, a doctor’s decision to use forceps to assist in extraction may result in serious and preventable injuries.

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Associated Health Complications

There are many problems that can develop during labor that are quickly solved with the help of a knowledgeable and skilled doctor. However, there are also times when physicians must use instruments that can potentially cause injury to both the child and the mother. Forceps, used to grab the infant in the womb, can be one such instrument. The following health issues can be attributed to the use of forceps:

  • facial nerve damage
  • cephalohematomas
  • bone and skull fractures
  • lacerations and tissue damage to the womb

While many of these complications are temporary injuries, some can quickly worsen because of infection or related problems. In each case, immediate care may be required to ensure the health of the child or maintain the mother’s safety. These additional treatments can be expensive and may inflict a heavy emotional toll on the infant or the parents.

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