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Defective Sports Helmets

In football, extreme contact is expected and even encouraged. Depending on the circumstances, a dramatic tackle or clip can be cause for celebration or utter devastation. In order to endure routine impact, football players must be provided with equipment that can sufficiently protect them from injury. Unfortunately, the equipment intended to protect their heads has been repeatedly reported faulty. Defective helmets are responsible for countless head and neck injuries

If you or someone you know has suffered head or neck injuries resulting from a faulty helmet, you may be entitled compensation. Contact the Appleton product liability lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® today. Call 800-242-2874 to schedule your free consultation.

Past Helmet Recalls

Nike recalled thousands of helmets in 2007 due to defective chin straps. According to consumer reports, the chin straps broke on contact, causing numerous facial injuries, including: lacerations, broken noses, and concussions.

Helmet Safety Precautions

While professional football players are likely to have top-of-the line helmets, amateurs oftentimes play with used helmets. While it is required by law that helmets are tested for workability prior to re-use, many are not up to standards. If a helmet fails to pass re-inspection, faulty parts must be replaced, or the helmet must be discarded.

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