Crane Accidents

Cranes have been used in construction for thousands of years, although they have been significantly improved and increased in size since the early Greek versions. While these machines have made construction projects substantially easier, allowing a team of skilled laborers to complete a task of great magnitude with few problems, they are still potentially dangerous tools. In the modern world, buildings are larger than they have ever been before, road construction projects that stretch on for miles have tight schedules to follow, and growing populations require more homes and commercial centers. However, with this demand for construction comes the looming threat of disaster.

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Crane Safety Issues

If used and maintained properly, cranes typically will not malfunction. United States standards have even limited the amount of weight a crane is allowed to pick up, as disasters related to cranes can be especially hazardous to construction workers and those nearby. The following issues can develop from cranes malfunctioning:

  • The crane tipping over
  • Cables breaking
  • Crane arm bending
  • Crane crashing into the side of a structure
  • Thrown projectiles

Any one of these problems can lead to substantial injuries for construction crews or those caught in the path of destruction. Depending on the weight of the material being carried and the size of the crane, some accidents may be more or less destructive than others. For example, a malfunctioning tower crane is a potential hazard for anyone within the area due to the massive size of the structure.

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