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Car Customization and Modification

With the technological advances that have occurred throughout recent decades, the ability to produce less expensive and more complicated computerized machinery has revolutionized the after-market industry. As car enthusiasts are now capable of buying and installing upgraded parts for less money, it has become more popular to customize a car to the handling, aesthetic, and speed specifications that an owner wants.

Unfortunately, unqualified technicians and motorists whose driving behaviors are worsened due to the psychological effects of modifications may endanger the welfare of others on the roadway. If you have been hurt in a crash, contact the Appleton car accident attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, at 800-242-2874 today.

Are They Safe and Legal?

While this aspect of car culture becomes more prevalent, it still leads some motorists to wonder whether or not the change is a good thing. After all, after-market parts are not held to the same massive scale of public scrutiny that major parts manufacturers are. Consider the following modifications:

  • spoilers
  • LED lights
  • brakes
  • engines
  • body modifications
  • nitrous oxide deployment systems
  • suspension modifications

Each of these may or may not be illegal in certain jurisdictions, as laws pertaining to car parts vary from city to city, let alone state to state. For even minor changes, a major concern may be a defective part or a poor installation job. Amateur mechanics may feel comfortable putting a part in by themselves, but this does not mean that they have properly installed the addition. These mistakes can prove costly to others.

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