Brake Defects

Car manufacturers in America and around the world are facing hard economic times. However, it is still their responsibility to produce, safe, and well-made vehicles. In the past ten years there has been an increase in the amount of vehicle accidents caused by manufacturing defects.

Manufacturing defects can be any problem with the car, from the engine to the integrity of the car’s exterior. These defects are often harmless, like seat coverings or misplaced labels on the air system. Unfortunately, they are often harmful, and even can cause death in the people who fall victim to them.

One of the more common types of vehicle defect is also one of the most dangerous – brake defects. Brake defects often result in the death of the driver and passengers, because the defect does not show up until the driver needs the brake to avoid another car or other vehicle. If the brakes do not work, there is not much the driver can do but brace for impact.

This is why it is extremely important to get the brakes checked out before you buy a new or used vehicle. Brake defects are usually well hidden, so test the brakes well when you test drive the vehicle.

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