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Brain Injury and Loss of Identification

When a person suffers significant trauma to the brain, the effect on that person’s memory can be drastic and horrifying. While a person may have lived his or her whole life fully capable of remembering family, friends, and important acquaintances, a single accident can remove the ability to even recognize one’s own face in the mirror. Known as agnosia, or the loss of the ability to learn or remember knowledge, this form of brain damage can make personal relationships extremely troublesome and severely impede a person’s lifestyle.

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A Loss of Personal Recognition

There are many types of agnosia, each of which affects a person’s life in various ways. While this can range between being able to name a particular color and physically remembering how to tie a shoe, perhaps some of the most emotionally damaging forms of agnosia come in the recognition and memory of major personal attributes. These disabilities can include:

  • Prosopagnosia, or the inability to remember a person’s face
  • Phonagnosia, or the inability to remember a person’s voice
  • Expressive agnosia, or the inability to understand facial expressions, body language, or spoken intonation

While the first two listed types of agnosia relate directly to a person’s ability to remember or recognize other human being by their distinguishing features, the last can strike equally hard. As people grow closer to each other, specific body language cues and important facial expressions can be hallmarks of that person’s dispositions. Without the ability to notice this, a person can lose a sense of who that other person is, and how to appropriately act in a given situation.

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