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Boating While Intoxicated

There can be times when a person out on a lake or river feels safe and isolated enough to drink a beer or consume other alcohol while waiting for the fish to bite. However, getting drunk while operating any sort of vehicle can be extremely dangerous, and it is illegal. An intoxicated boater poses a potential threat to his or her own safety and may be unable to safely pilot their watercraft, leading to collisions.

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Accidents Caused by Drunken Boaters

Injuries in the water differ little from injuries caused on land, and the severity can be increased by the general lack of safety equipment and the looming threat of drowning or excessive water intake. The following types of accidents can occur due to a boat operator’s intoxication:

  • collisions between watercraft
  • striking swimmers or divers
  • crashing into a dock
  • falling off of a boat

The effects of these accidents are likely to be worsened by the lack of restraining devices or protective gear available to those on a boat or in the water. If a boat hits a swimmer, that person takes the full force of the vehicle and may suffer serious injuries. Similarly, a person who crashes into another boat can cause those on the receiving end to fall overboard or be thrown against the boat.

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