Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are simple devices that are meant to help babies walk. They consist of a rod or a circle that is held upright by legs on wheels. The baby holds onto the rod or the circle and is able to stand up. While standing, the baby can push her or his feet against the floor; when that happens, the wheels roll and allow the baby to walk.

Baby walkers seem innocuous, but in reality they are very dangerous. Of the three million baby walkers sold every year, approximately 25,000 babies get injured annually. They suffer many serious injuries, including skull fractures and concussions. Additionally, the biggest danger that baby walkers pose involve babies falling down staircases; in fact, 96 percent of baby walker injury cases involve babies falling down stairs. Furthermore, of all baby injury cases, 69 percent occur when an adult is present.

As the statistics reveal, baby walkers are very dangerous. To make baby walkers safer and to prevent babies from getting injured, a number of standards have been developed regulating the design of these items. For example, baby walkers are made very wide so that babies cannot take them outside of a doorway and down a staircase. Moreover, many baby walkers have locking mechanisms so that when one leg of the baby walkers goes off a staircase the baby walker stops moving.

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