Automobile Glass

Cars today are actually equipped with two types of glass in their various windows. The reason for the two different types of glass is safety. Windshields and the rest of the windows have very different purposes and so require very different types of glass.

Windshields on cars are made up of laminate glass. This means that there are 2 pieces of “float glass” with a layer of “plastic laminate” in the middle. This makes the windshield much safer than if it were made of just one sheet of glass. Windshields in general must be able to withstand a certain impact rating. The way that windshields are constructed currently prevents a stone from penetrating the windshield and entering the car.

So even if a pebble is kicked up from a wheel, it should not be able to penetrate into the compartment of the car, even if it manages to crack or dent the external layer of glass. It will be stopped by the laminate and the second layer of glass preventing the windshield from completely breaking.

The stone marks on windshields are not attractive but they pose no risk to the entire windshield collapsing and caving in on the driver. Basically, the only problem with pebble marks is that they are not attractive.

Glass covering the openings in the rest of the car is “tempered glass.” This is a special type of glass that is heated in an atmospheric oven to harden the glass. In this oven, the pounds per square inch of pressure can be in the hundreds. This makes the glass much less hazardous to individuals that should happen to encounter it in its broken state.

If the glass has been tempered correctly, it will break into thousands or perhaps millions of tiny little pebbles of glass without sharp edges. This is different from normal glass which breaks into sharp shards capable of doing significant damage.

The tempered glass is important in the car in the event of an accident. If all of the glass in a car were the laminate glass of the windshield, it could be extremely difficult to get to a trapped passenger or driver in an accident. With the tempered glass in place, passengers can be removed via all of the other windows in the car.

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