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Auto Defects and Lemon Laws

As you likely know, a defective automobile is commonly referred to as a “lemon.” When an individual or car dealership knowing sells someone a poorly made or maintained vehicle, they can be placing that person at risk for expensive repairs and even major motor vehicle accidents. Laws pertaining to “lemon cars” vary by state; however, most states protect consumers from buying a defective vehicle.

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Defining “Lemon”

In order for your vehicle to qualify as a lemon in the state of Wisconsin, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle must be a newly purchased or leased car, truck, motorcycle, or motor home
  • Within the first year, the vehicle developed a serious defect that
  • Was not fixed after 4 attempts, OR
  • Made the vehicle out of service for more than 30 days (nonconsecutive)
  • The defect seriously affects the vehicle’s use, value, or safety

If you have been sold a vehicle that meets these criteria, you could have grounds for pursuing compensation from the person or company responsible.

If You Bought a Lemon

If your newly purchased vehicle has turned out to be a lemon, you must keep your records organized in order to receive a replacement or refund. Your first step toward recompense is to notify the manufacturer that the vehicle you purchased is a lemon. They have 30 days to reply and offer you a replacement vehicle or a full refund. If the manufacturer does not cooperate with you, you may need to file suit.

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